The Bouter Group ages, cuts, packages and distributes various types of cheese on behalf of our strategic partners Albert Heijn, Delhaize le Lion, Albert CZ and our B2B partners. We work together on an optimal selection of cheeses, consisting of different types of Dutch and European cheese.


We respond to the latest trends with our new, innovative and delicious cheese products, and together with our partners, we are continuously developing this product category. This enables us to exert a direct influence on the range in the supermarkets.


We receive the majority of the Dutch cheeses, such as Gouda, farmhouse cheese, goat's cheese and organic cheese, when they are 15 days old. These cheeses are aged in fully automated and climate-controlled warehouses in Woerden and Culemborg until they reach the right age and quality. Our passionate cheese masters determine what that means for each cheese based on flavour.

Working together on an optimal cheese selection.


Once the cheese has reached the right age, it goes to the packaging department, where it is cut into the proper form, so that the consumer can choose between cheese in blocks or slices, and grated cheese.


When the cheeses have been cut into the proper form, they can be packaged. We have extensive machinery for that purpose, which gives us lots of packaging options.

The Bouter Group packages the cheeses not only in individual consumer packets, but in retail and bulk packaging as well. In addition to the previously listed Dutch cheeses, we also cut and package many international cheeses, such as Brie, Camembert, Roquefort, Port-Salut and soft goat's cheese.


In addition to ageing, cutting and packaging cheese, we are also a logistics partner of Ahold Delhaize.