Employees about Bouter

Innovation is important within Bouter and I enjoy contributing to that.
Mark, Project Engineer

I joined the company as a project engineer in 2018. I had been attracted to the food industry for a long time and in Bouter I saw a challenging position. Packaging machines like the ones at Bouter usually use great technology and are quite diverse. My first impression was that of a large professional company with the character of a small family business. I noticed it immediately during my job interview because of the personal, convivial atmosphere at Bouter. I also like being able to approach my colleagues with my questions and challenges.

As a project engineer, I am responsible for technical projects, from finding the right solution to ensuring proper preparation, implementation and handover. The projects are very diverse, and this variety means going to work is never boring! I really own the projects, have a lot of input and when my projects are complete, I look back with pride.

Innovation is one of the top priorities at Bouter and I think it is important to be able to contribute to that. Not only in my role, but also by taking part in the initiative ‘the tastiest idea at Bouter’ - a fun competition in which I submitted an idea for an innovative product. My idea won second place and gave me the chance not only to contribute ideas in the factory, but in the area of product development too. At the moment we are assessing the potential for actually getting the product on the shelves.

A dynamic company that radiates energy, is ambitious and is constantly looking for new possibilities and opportunities
Judith, Sales Manager, AH Cheese

As sales manager, I develop plans in cooperation with the Albert Heijn cheese category manager to grow the cheese category. We do this by creating an optimal and innovative range in a well-organised aisle. The role itself appealed to me, as did working for a private-label supplier, as this allowed me to focus completely on the products from behind the scenes.

The thing I enjoy most about my work is that as a team, we search for the finest cheeses and innovations in the sector. We keep surprising the consumer by developing new concepts. Besides, you never run out of things to say about cheese. Every day I learn more about the different processes, flavours and types of cheese. So I don't feel I'm being punished when tasting and approving all those cheeses. The drive at Bouter appeals to me: ‘a dynamic company that radiates energy, is ambitious and is constantly looking for new possibilities and opportunities’.

In addition, I find the atmosphere at Bouter pleasant, with friendly colleagues, a good team spirit, drive, transparency, openness, short communication channels and a flat organisational structure. I have contributed to this by coming up with a new idea, together with a number of colleagues, called ‘tasting breaks’. Every quarter a number of products takes centre stage during the lunch break, so that all the colleagues can enjoy our fine products. It is not just good fun; it gives the employees more of a feel for our products too. This enhances the general sense of pride in our products.

There are opportunities for everyone, as long as you give it 100%!
Jamal, Production Manager

In 2013 I joined Bouter Tapas as an operator when it was still located in Woerden. Since then Tapas has grown considerably and we moved to a larger site in Almere. Not only has our plant grown, but I have also been able to pursue professional development. Within a few years I progressed from operator to production manager. As production manager, I am responsible for production and manage four team leaders. Collectively, we are responsible for the Albert Heijn tapas snacks.

Automation and innovation are very important at Bouter. In addition to being in charge on the production floor, I am in close contact with the suppliers of our machinery. The nicest thing about my job is that there is always a new, enjoyable challenge, so we never get bored. There is a friendly atmosphere as well, and I have the opportunity to work on my professional development every day. Those opportunities are there for everyone, as long as you give it 100%!

When I walk through the supermarket after work, I feel proud when I see the final product on the shelves!
Johnboy, Packaging assistant

As a packaging assistant, I am responsible for the correct wrapping and labels in the department. I can be deployed to a lot of different places, which provides plenty of variety. It’s a nice job that makes me feel good! In addition to my job, I am also a member of the works council. It is important to me to be able to do more for my colleagues.

What I like the most about my job is the diversity, responsibility and my colleagues. In the packaging department, I work with colleagues from different cultures and traditions, where there is a lot of solidarity, and where we work hard towards our common goal. Yet there is still time for a bit of fun. There is a predominantly informal corporate culture and I find that quite impressive when you see how many people work at Bouter. And when I walk through the supermarket, I feel proud when I see the final product on the shelves!

I also recently participated in the competition ‘the tastiest idea of Bouter’. All the employees had the opportunity to submit an idea relating to a product, process or organisation. My idea ended up in the top 3. I enjoyed showing my creative and commercial side to Bouter.

Straight from my job interview, I felt at ease with the convivial atmosphere within Bouter Group.
Elise, QA Specialist

After finishing my education in Nutrition and Health, I started at Bouter Group in August 2019 as QA Specialist. A diverse job role where I get to work together with different departments. Straight from my job interview, I felt at ease with the convivial atmosphere within Bouter Group. It is nice that everyone is ready to answer your questions and help you, or just to have a chit-chat.

As a QA specialist I am jointly responsible for the quality of our domestic and foreign cheeses. I do this through conducting sensory tests with an internal team as well as our strategic partners, suppliers and consumers. The bottom line: a lot of cheese tasting! Besides that, I work together on projects with colleagues to further increase and improve the cheese range. In cooperation with our suppliers we take care of getting the tastiest products on the shelfs.

The best part of my job is how much contact I get to have with colleagues, suppliers and our strategic partners. Therefore, I have input and get to experience the development process from the beginning to the final product. There are so many cheeses with all their own flavour profiles and stories. Every day I get to learn more!