About us

The Bouter Group is a family business with a history spanning more than 125 years. One of the major factors that has always driven our development is our passion for cheese and tapas products. The short communication channels in our company allow us to develop new, surprising cheese and tapas products quickly and efficiently.

We use state-of-the-art technology and comply with the highest quality standards for our products, business operations and employees, with an emphasis on hygiene, food safety and product quality.

Royal A-ware

In 2010 the Bouter Group and Anker Cheese joined forces to create the A-ware Food Group. Four years later, A-ware Food Group was awarded the Royal Warrant, a crowning moment after years of hard work by both families and everyone else involved.

Division of responsibilities

Following the merger of the companies, ‘Bouter’ remained responsible for the strategic partner Ahold Delhaize and those from Culemborg and elsewhere. The remaining divisions of Royal A-ware focussed on other clients in the Netherlands and abroad. In addition to cheese and tapas, Royal A-ware produces cream and fresh dairy products.